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What can we offer?

Central Turbos are unique in that they offer a fitting service of the turbo unit to your vehicle, so instead of purchasing a turbo then having to find and trust someone else to do the job, the team at Central Turbos welcome you to bring your vehicle to their modern garage and workshop where they will take care of the job from start to finish.

The in house fitting service subjects your vehicle to a comprehensive & thorough investigation to discover why your turbo failed in the first place. Before your turbo is fitted, your engine undergoes some preparation work so the life of your new turbo should exceed the life of your car, subject to regular servicing as recommended by the Central Turbos Team.

Many years of experience means that all common and uncommon causes of turbo failure on a large majority of modern vehicles are easily detected; turbos don't just fail...... it is normally an engine issue/foreign contaminants that cause failure.

Central Turbos also have the latest diagnostic equipment and with the training, skills and experience to read, use, record and analyse data and graphs to pinpoint any running problems.